GIV provides you with access to the Forex market; one of the largest and most liquid markets out there, reaching up to 5 trillion dollars per day!

what is the forex market?

The Forex or the Foreign Exchange Market, also known as FX, is where currencies are traded. It is not bound by any physical location and deals with currency pairs, such as EURUSD (with the Euro being the base currency while the USD being the quote one). The Forex Market is considered to be an Over-The-Counter (OTC) market since it is run over an electronic network.

The advantages of OTC Trading

Trade with high leverage
Customizable trading volume
24/5 trading hours
Low cost
No expiry dates

Precious Metals:

OTC Precious Metals: CFDs on Spot Precious Metals or Spot Metals

Precious metals are instruments that allow traders to invest and take advantage of price changes – be it up or down – without actually owning the precious metal being traded. Similar to Forex, the trade takes place over the counter and directly between relevant parties. No third party may take part in that exchange.Few of the advantages of CFDs on Spot Precious Metals is the absence of any third party (as stated above), the efficient use of capital, hedging other investments, no commissions and no expiry date, among others.

Index Futures

Over-The-Counter Stock Indices Futures is all about tracking stocks, bonds, mutual funds, among other relevant securities and investment vehicles. Trading Futures allows you to trade based on market moves that are broader than shares and individual stocks.

OTC trading on indices or contract for difference (CFDs) on indices is a great way to take advantage of price movements, be it going up or down.

As is the case with precious metals, this kind of trade is done without resorting to a central exchange market or middlemen. In other words, it is directly performed between two parties.

The advantages of OTC Trading

Trade with leverage
Trade vast markets covering currencies, indices, shares, commodities, etc.
Deep liquidity
Customizable contract size
No restrictions


Trading stocks usually involves buying or selling stocks from publicly owned companies, most of which you are familiar with, such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and other giants (or smaller entities). Purchasing stocks is usually a sign of interest in holding ownership of a company; the higher the number of stocks usually mirrors high interest.
Akin to any other OTC, contract for difference (CFDs) on stocks allows investors or traders to take advantage of price-moves – up or down - and takes places between the two involved parties directly.

Energy Futures

Trading energy futures is usually done using specific quantities of a certain instrument (a commodity or a financial instrument) that can be traded. Energy Futures require the central financial exchange and have a specific delivery time.

The price is usually set upon the signature of the contract and upon the delivery of that product at a certain point in time. Energy futures have termination dates, which sets the delivery time of these products, otherwise an offsetting trade is made on the original position.

CFD/FX trading with GIV Capital has so many advantages, here are some of them:
- One platform to trade various markets
- Ultra-tight spreads
- Quick and efficient execution
- Deep liquidity
- Client support
- User-friendly platform
- Technical analysis and support
- Swap-free
- No minimum deposit
- Direct access to more than 50 FX pairs
- Ability to hedge positions
- Partnership with global regulated brokers
- Clients' funds segregation