Detailed Plan implementation

GIV challenges your business, pushes it forth to break into new grounds. We help your business reach new standards of financial well-being thanks to detailed plans that we implement and monitor from start to finish.

Our work goes beyond stark professionalism

and into making our relationship with your business closer and more personalized. We endeavor to keep the conversation going and have a swift exchange that strengthens the bond between us and you; our client.

GIV Capital has opened many lines with major global banks, where the funds will be allocated, moreover the clients’ funds are segregated from the company’s own accounts.

We firmly believe that a systematic approach is good enough, but we strive for excellence and a more personalized experience.

our strategies

Risk Averse

Looking for capital preservation while still benefitting from income distribution.
Invest in fixed income, US treasury bills and sovereign bonds.
Generate capital gains over the long term with very low volatility.
Target return between 5-8% p.a.
Minimized appetite for risk.


For investors willing to accept modest market volatility.
Capital preservation with little growth potential.
Invest in large-cap equities, money market and investment grade bonds.
Generate capital gains over the medium to long term.
Target return of around 8-10% p.a.
Low to Medium appetite for risk.


Moderate growth potential over the medium term.
Offering a good level of protection against market corrections.
Invest in structured products issued by top tier banks.
Capital protected and auto callable structures.
Target return of around 10-12% p.a.
Medium appetite for risk.


Looking for potentially higher growth over time.
Allocated to private equities, mutual funds and corporate bonds.
Diversification by sectors and industries.
For investors accepting some market volatility with good return.
Generate capital gains over the medium to long term time horizon.
Target return of around 12-15% p.a.
Medium to high appetite for risk.

High Income

For investors seeking a higher percentage of income.
Investing mainly in private equities, preferred shares, derivatives and CFDs.
Suited for investors willing to assume market volatility in exchange for high income.
Short to medium time horizon investment.
Target return more than 15% p.a.
High appetite for risk.

Emerging Markets

Looking for special ad-hoc investment.
We offer investors an exposure to Emerging Markets while diversifying risk.
Allocated to Private equity, Venture Capital, Hedge funds.
Projects Investing in Different Sectors.It is best suited for investors seeking high returns, with a medium to long-term horizon.
Normal appetite for risk.
Return depends on the project condition.
Return of the client and the firm are shared equally.